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This page details our Cookie Policy and should be read conjunction with our Privacy Policy.

Cookies are small text files that are sent between your computer (or other device you access the Internet from, such as iPad) and websites you visit. Cookies are widely used across the Internet, and the purpose of this page is to tell you a little more about how we use them.

Price4.co.uk, as we explain in our about us section, is a price comparison website which earns money on a commission basis. This means that if you follow a link to one of the merchants featured on our website and go on to make a purchase, we will typically receive a small commission.

When visiting Price4.co.uk, you may encounter three types of cookies: cookies set by ourselves, cookies set by third parties if you visit the merchants we compare prices for (such as Amazon.co.uk), and analytics cookies. None of these cookies can be used to personally identify you. Together, they help enable the functionality offered by our website.

Cookies Price4.co.uk uses

The cookies we use, shown in the table below, support functionality you encounter when moving around our website. Cookie Length is the time after which the cookie expires and is automatically removed from your computer.

Cookie Name Cookie Length Description
ASP.NET_SessionId Session (expires when browser is closed) Used by the Web application framework this website is written in, ASP.NET
RecentlyViewed 3600 seconds (60 minutes) Maintains a list of products on our site you have visited. This is used to produce the "Recently Viewed" summary, allowing you to quickly return to products you have previously compared prices for.
cookieconsent_dismissed 1 year Set when you acknowledge our Cookie Policy (by clicking "I Agree") to prevent the message being displayed each subsquent time you visit

Cookies set by third parties

These cookies are set after you click through to a merchant's website from our website. An example of this is when you click one of the "Visit Store" buttons on one of our product pages. They allow any purchase you go on to make to be tracked which enables us to be awarded a commission for referring you.

Analytics Cookies

Anaylytics Cookies allow us to analyse visitor statistics, such as number of number of daily visits. For analytics, we use a service called StatCounter. We cannot use any of this information to personally identify you.

Should you wish to opt out of StatCounter cookies, you can do so by visiting their Refuse StatCounter.com Analytics Cookies page.

How can I delete or opt out of cookies?

In order to delete cookies, you can make use of certain settings in your browser. Popular browsers include Google Chrome, Internet Explore, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari. The way to delete cookies depends on which browser you're using. The following website has a comprehensive section on deleting cookies, and covers all major browsers: www.aboutcookies.org.

The Your Online Choices website allows you to control third party cookies generated by advertisers.

You may also opt out of third party cookies on the Network Advertising Initiative's NAI Consumer Opt Out website.

Where can I find out more about cookies?

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

In addition, there are a number of websites you may also find informative:

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